Games & Fields

At Tactical Paintball Games our fields have been designed by players for maximum fun in mind. From stands of trees and natural bush areas to parkland like level grassed playing fileds with creeks, bridges, buildings, bunkers, inflatable tournament field and more.

Play more than just Eliminiation or Capture the Flag scenarios, with objective based games that include Search and Rescue, Intel Gathering, Protect the General and more. You can even find Bonuses amongst the fields!


Hill Field

With trenches, guard towers, sand bag bunkers, concrete barriers and natural bush, this field is loved by all who have played on it.

River Flats

This is one of our most challenging fields that includes a large fire base, guard tower, tank traps, sawmill, barrels and logs.

Fishing Village

From the barn in the east, to the fishing village in the west, battle your way through the nets, barrels and bridges.

Concrete Jungle

Weighing in at more than 200,000kg is our massive 'concrete jungle.'

Sup-Air Field

Experience the rush of playing on a professional tournament inflatable field, using teamwork and tactics to eliminate the opposition.


All Fields

All fields can be played as one massive, flowing field, perfect for our scenario days.


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Paratrooper Rescue

Rescue the paratrooper stuck in the trees, get him to the rescue vehicle.


The rescue team must find a medic kit before they move paratrooper.


The rescue vehicle is out of fuel, search for fuel cans and return them to the vehicle.


Find the intelligence officer who has information on the next mission, ie; location of the demolition charge/s or which VIP target.

Sniper Elite

Sniper team must eliminate VIP “targets” while counter sniper team must protect VIPs by eliminating the sniper.


Find the lost “demo” charge and place the charge to destroy the pill box or the bridge/s.

Attack and defend

Whether you are the attacker or defender, there are many structures throughout our fields that lend themselves to the age old scenario.

Paintballing is FUN