Who can play?

  • Players must all be over 16 years old, by law
  • If aged 16-18 a signed parental consent form must be presented (see below)

What do I have to bring?

  • Photo Identification
  • Signed Parental Consent Form if under 18. Forms available HERE

We also strongly recommend:

  • Enclosed sturdy footwear with good grip and ankle support. No thongs or sandals.
  • Light clothing to wear under your overalls. Avoid heavy clothes as this can cause overheating, resulting in fatigue and/or heatstroke.
  • A cap for your head.
  • A groin guard for males. Also available for purchase on site.
  • Light gloves. Also available for purchase on site.
  • Females are given free hire of chest protection.

Where are you located?

You can view the address and the turn off location on the map below.
The turn off is opposite the "Tomcat Creek" Rest Area.

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19716 Pacific Highway Moorland, NSW, 2443 | Phone 0487 232 780